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June 2008

Dear Friend of Flow:

The last time you took a flight across your country, did you think about the value of seeing the country from the air?  The perspective from 20,000 or 30,000 feet is quite different than the perspective in a car, driving across the country.  True, you miss some of the details that are present in a close-up view. But instead of having to climb the mountains, you fly over them.  And, after several hours, you get a view of the entire country, instead of a view of just a small part of it.

At Flow Research, we can appreciate the value of having a broader perspective.  We’ve spent the last ten years studying the flow, pressure, and temperature markets.  During this time, we’ve published many individual studies on each of the flow technologies, as well as a number of pressure and temperature studies.  We’ve published three editions of studies on the most popular types of flowmeters, and one or two editions on the rest.  And in 2003, we published the first edition of Volume X: The World Market for Flowmeters.

During the past six months, Flow Research has completed a number of individual studies on different flow and pressure technologies.  These include pressure transmitters, ultrasonic flowmeters, and steam flow measurement.  We are very close to publishing a study on Coriolis flowmeters.  We previously had published studies on differential pressure (DP) flow transmitters, primary elements, vortex flowmeters, magnetic flowmeters, and gas flow measurement.  We have created a very detailed view of the entire flowmeter market by looking at each type of flowmeter individually and creating a map of each technology in the form of a market study.

Now we have put all this information together into the most comprehensive study of the worldwide flowmeter market ever published.  This new study, Volume X: The World Market for Flowmeters, 2nd Edition, includes all 14 types of flowmeters, and is completely updated through 2007.  We found that the worldwide flowmeter market has grown to $4.5 billion from $3.1 billion in 2002.  New-technology flowmeters, especially ultrasonic and Coriolis, have led the way in this fast-growth market.  However, some traditional technology flowmeters, especially differential pressure (DP) flowmeters, have also shown impressive growth.  During this time, the worldwide flowmeter market rode the wave of capital spending and investment that began in early 2004.  Dramatic growth in the energy markets also helped propel this market.

Our new study includes the following types of flowmeters:


New-Technology Flowmeters


·        Coriolis

·        Magnetic

·        Ultrasonic

·        Vortex

·        Thermal


Traditional Technology Flowmeters


·        DP Flow Transmitters

·        Primary Elements

·        Positive Displacement

·        Turbine

·        Open Channel

·        Variable Area

·        Target

Emerging Technology Flowmeters

·        Sonar

·        Optical

Who can benefit from this study?  This study is especially valuable to any company that is involved in selling more than one type of flowmeter.  Volume X enables you to compare market size, growth rates, and market shares for each type of flowmeter.  The information is available on a worldwide basis, and also for five different geographic regions.  This means you can compare the market size and growth rate for your flowmeter types, and also for the flowmeter types you are competing with.  In case you are thinking about adding any new flowmeter product lines, this study also provides valuable market data on these prospective flowmeter types.  You will also receive valuable data on the suppliers who are already in these different markets.

While we put all the data together in the past several months, this new study builds on four years of continuous research.  The data in this study is not available anywhere else, and it is not the sort of data that could be easily be replicated or reproduced.  We are able to obtain this data because we are an independent research firm.  Now we are making it available to you for an amount that is far less than it would cost you to do this type of research yourself.  I encourage you to take advantage of this new study while the data is still sizzling hot!

Best regards,

Jesse Yoder

President, Flow Research, Inc.

P.S. Please see the Order Form for ordering information.  For the first time, we are making the New-Technology and Traditional Technology sections available as standalone studies.


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